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Best Statement of Purpose for MBA Finance

Just How Important Is Your Statement of Purpose for MBA Finance?

Your statement of purpose is your chance to sell yourself to the admissions committee and to get them to see you as the best possible candidate for their finance program. Almost all MBA programs are heavily oversubscribed so you have to really make yourself stand out and that will normally need to be done through your statement of purpose. While they are going to be looking for highly qualified individuals many of the applicants are going to be as equally well qualified and experienced as you are, so your statement of purpose for MBA finance if your chance to shine.

What Should Your Statement of Purpose MBA Finance Cover?

Remember that this is a statement of purpose for an MBA and not college so they are not going to want to hear about your high school adventures. This is a far more professional document and needs to clearly show all of the following:

  • Why you want to study finance as an MBA, how has your interest evolved, who and what has influenced that interest in finance?
  • What you hope to learn and how you will apply that learning in the future
  • Demonstrate that you have the skills and experience to complete an MBA in finance
  • Show why you want to study through this specific MBA finance program

Where to study MBA finance:

What Do You Need to Provide When You Apply to Your Finance MBA?

statement of purpose for mba financeYour statement of purpose MBA may also be called a personal statement or application essay depending on the program that you are applying to. The actual application process and requirements may also be slightly different from program to program but typically you will have to provide:

  • Complete an online application form and make payment
  • Transcripts
  • 2 or more letters of recommendation
  • Some form of English proficiency test if you are an overseas student
  • GMAT and/or GRE test scores (check individual programs for their specific scores)
  • Your MBA finance statement of purpose

great statement of purpose for mba financeOf all of the things that you need to provide for your admission package, it is only the statement of purpose that you can use to really influence the decision process.

Writing Your SoP for MBA in Finance Perfectly

It is vital that you take great care with writing your statement of purpose, it is as important to write it well as it is to cover everything that they want to see. When writing your statement of purpose you will need to:

  • Avoid using any form of clichĂ©s or obvious statements
  • Write everything from a positive viewpoint
  • Ensure that everything that you write is relevant to your application
  • Never use more words than you need to use
  • Use language that is appropriate, don’t overuse your thesaurus trying to look clever
  • Be honest about yourself
  • Don’t use humor, even if done well not all readers will appreciate it

statement of purpose mba finance

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