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How to Write a Statement of Purpose for MBA: Inforgaphic

How to Write a Statement of Purpose for MBA

Applying for a business school and improving your knowledge, skills, and abilities for a better portfolio is what you’re aiming for. Every MBA aspirant, however, needs to learn how to write a good statement of purpose or statement of purpose for internship. If you sure want to stand out from the rest and be noticed of your best assets to grab one of the slots, check out the following tips on how to do it right.

how to write a statement of purpose for mba


Steps to Writing a Statement of Purpose MBA

  • Introduce yourself, your interests and your motivations
  • Summarize your undergraduate and previous graduate career
  • Discuss and explain the relevance of your present activities
  • Elaborate on your academic interests

What Are the Formal Requirements for SoP?

  • In most cases, the responses are anywhere between 250 and 750 words or at most 2 pages
  • The response should include your name and contact details on the first page
  • You should use the standard 12-point font and one-inch margins on all sides

What Can Make a Great MBA Statement of Purpose?

  • It should be concise to illustrate what makes you different from the rest
  • It should be well written, tailoring and speaking to your audience
  • It should be organized
  • It should be able to develop and establish your voice

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What Is the Writing Style?

  • You should write simply and not use flowery and complicated words
  • You should write in a straightforward manner
  • You should be clear in what you are saying

What Do Officers Want to See?

  • They want to see a picture of your overall personality
  • Continuity
  • Commitment and motivation
  • Communication skills
  • Work experience
  • Academic background

There you have some tips to know and consider when writing the MBA SoP, so don’t forget about applying them when coming up with your piece. Feel free going over the tips and reviewing them when needed. Our experts can also give you a piece of advice on a statement of purpose for internship and a statement of purpose for project management.

If you still don’t know how to write a statement of purpose for MBA the right way – our team of pros can help you out!