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Perfect Statement of Purpose for MBA Marketing

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Applying for Your MBA in Marketing

Being accepted onto an MBA in marketing is very tough, all programs are likely to be heavily oversubscribed by highly qualified and very experienced applicants and you are going to have to find a way to make yourself stand out from them.

sample sop for mba marketingWhile your grades and experience are important you will probably find that yours are very similar to many of the other applicants, it is only your marketing management personal statement that will allow you to make yourself shine. Your personal statement or purpose statement for MBA finance is often going to be the decision maker for your application so you have to make sure that it is perfect. The other things that they are looking for are:

  • GRE or GMAT scores (individual programs have specific requirements for the scores they are looking for)
  • For foreign students, you will need TOEFL or IELTS to prove your English language skills
  • All of your transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation (Check each programs specific requirements for numbers and who is eligible to provide)
  • Your MBA statement of purpose
  • A completed application form and payment (Usually online)

Great MBA marketing programs:

What Should Be Included in Your Statement of Purpose for MBA Marketing?

Your purpose statement needs to be written in a manner that is appropriate for the level of education that you are applying for. So just reusing the SoP you used for your college application is not going to cut it. While many of the things that you need to provide are going to be similar you will need to write your marketing statement for your MBA application at an appropriate level that reflects where you are in your career.
best statement of purpose for mba marketingFor this you will have to answer several questions:

  • Explain why it is that you want to study marketing
  • Show who or what has influenced your interests in marketing
  • Show how those interests have evolved and changed
  • Explain fully where you hope your studies will take you and why it so important to gain your MBA
  • Show that you have the required skills to be able to complete your studies successfully
  • Explain why you want to study for a marketing MBA under this specific program

The Writing of Your MBA Marketing Statement of Purpose Must Be Perfect

Submitting a poorly written purpose statement for your application even if you have covered everything that they are looking for will still get you overlooked. Your writing must be perfect if you are going to have any chance of being accepted onto your chosen program:

  • Write positively from start to finish: you are not studying this program because you don’t think you will get on another
  • Avoid using any form of obvious statements or clichés: your word count is precious and all words need to count
  • Ensure that everything that you write is fully relevant to your application
  • Remain concise and don’t use language that is inappropriate
  • Don’t use any form of acronyms or slang that may not be understood
  • Remain honest and write about yourself

Statement of purpose for MBA admission is not the same as for the PhD, first of all, because any MBA program has a business orientation so you’ll have to show your business thinking as one of the strongest traits of your personality.
statement of purpose for mba marketingSoP for marketing and sales as well as a statement of purpose for digital marketing has the most important thing to showcase – your potential abilities in the sphere of advertising and market analysis, your inborn inclinations for the selected sphere of studying. Even though there’s no particular marketing SoP template to stick to you may follow the general guidance in creating the SoP for marketing department. You can also learn more about writing the optional essay. If you are majoring in marketing or just intended to make a good statement of purpose for marketing internship follow the advice:

  • Express the origins of your interest in marketing
  • Express how your interest in the marketing sphere grew and evolved, who were your teachers
  • Explain how each and every experience that you are intended to put into your statement contributed to the state you are in now
  • Give the professional examples and explain what have you learned from these situations
  • Provide your future plans, how you are planning to evolve in the sphere of marketing and how the program that you selected will contribute to your professional growth

marketing management personal statementWe Can Provide You with the Perfect Statement of Purpose for Marketing

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If you are creating a statement of purpose for sales job the knowledge in the marketing sphere will be irreplaceable for you as a candidate and inevitable will grow your value as a specialist. In case you prepare the SoP for marketing communications there’s a way for you to elevate your writing to the brand new level, all you have to do for this is to ask experienced marketers and professors in the marketing sphere for advice and insights, mind that our experts are always here to support you with the most difficult questions.

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