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All You Need to Know about Writing the Optional Essay

What Is the MBA Application Optional Essay?

When you apply for an MBA place at any business school you will be asked to provide a wide range of documents from letters or recommendation through to an application essay or personal statement. You may also be asked to provide an optional essay depending on a number of factors. These could be invited for you to explain why you have low grades, your thoughts on why get an MBA or simply to explain something that is unique about you. Knowing whether to go ahead with writing the optional essay, however, can be stressful. Sometimes it may be best to leave things as they are and simply not write an optional essay, after all, if you draw attention to something that MBA admissions may have already overlooked or written your essay poorly it may actually work against you. help writing the optional essayOther times however they will have specific guidance that will suggest that you do write an optional essay under certain circumstances. As with your statement of purpose, this is a huge opportunity to sell yourself and to make yourself stand out. After all, it is not a case of simply making excuses for those grades or the medical condition that you are facing. It is an opportunity for you to show how you tackle those issues and overcome them. Our professional optional essay help will be able to support you with all aspects of creating yours. From simply deciding if you should go ahead with writing it through to editing your essay our team can help you with writing the optional essay MBA or your statement of purpose for MBA marketing.

When Do You Write an Optional Essay MBA Application?

sample optional essay mbaOptional essays are typically an opportunity for you to explain something within your business school application which may not be up to scratch. You will be asked to write at least one personal statement explaining why to get an MBA, and some business schools like MIT will ask you to write as many as 5 supplementary essays that will need to answer specific prompts. Most, however, will give you an opportunity to write an additional essay to explain anything that you cannot fit in anywhere else.

You should, however, take care of writing the essay. Most business schools give very precise instructions as to when it is acceptable to write the essay and for what specific reasons. Writing an essay that does not meet those criteria could easily count against you. So always carefully review what the school is specifically asking for.

As this comment about writing an optional essay says:

“Perhaps this goes without saying, but the only information worth sharing in an optional essay is that which will make a material difference in your candidacy.”

What Area Will You Usually Cover When Writing the Optional Essay?

Whether you are applying to Berkeley MBA programs or are considering the USC optional essay MBA always look closely at what they say about writing an optional essay and what restrictions are placed on it. There is no point in writing 1000 words on “why they should accept you because you are so wonderful” if they only want a maximum of 250 words and will only entertain essays that are relevant to low GMAT scores or poor academic performance in the past.

help writing the optional essay mbaTypically the following are the types of letters that will be entertained by most business schools:

  • Low GMAT score optional essay: you can explain why you have not achieved the results expected of you. If you have scored very low because you have not been in education and taking tests for a long time it may be better to try sending a GMAT waiver letter to forego the need for this requirement.
  • Low grades essay: if your grades suffered within a specific semester because you overstretched yourself, or were in an accident or some other reason, then it is always worth writing an essay to explain yourself.
  • Optional essay explaining low GRE score: just as with poor GMAT results, low GRE scores can have a significant impact on your chances of being selected. So it is very important that you take the time to explain the reasons behind your poor performance.
  • Gender optional essay: some universities such as Duke have added a gender-based essay for  LGBT applicants to ensure that they have the right mix of sexes within each cohort. Again this essay should only be answered if it specifically affects you.
  • Low SAT scores: while it is often better to take time to improve your SAT scores you may, however, need to make allowances for poor performance in your past.
  • Physical or other disability: if you have any form of special needs you will be asked to write an essay about them. This should very much focus on your coping rather than simply the problems that you have to face.
  • Something truly outstanding about you: while this is usually addressed within your personal statement you may have a need to showcase something very special about you such as captaining a sports team or some other achievement.

Tips for Writing the Optional Essay MBA Admissions

If you have decided to write that Berkeley MBA optional essay or your Wharton optional essay MBA you will want to do so in a way that will make you stand out. The following are some tips as to what you should and of course should not do when writing your MIT MBA optional essay:

  • Do not just focus on making excuses, they do not want to simply read why you had low scores or other problems. They want to see how you tackled and overcame the problem and what you learned from the experience.
  • Never blame others for your poor performance. Just because you and your science teacher had a terrible relationship does not give you an excuse for performing poorly.
  • Always ensure that the essay you will write will be within their specific guidelines. Read their application requirements very closely to ensure that you will be writing precisely what they are looking for.
  • Look at a specific example such as a low GMAT optional essay sample so that you can see exactly how others have tackled their writing.
  • The statement of your issue should only take up a single line. The rest of your essay should be clearly focused on how you coped with the situation, what you learned from it, and how it has helped you grow.
  • Proofread and edit all that you have written. Submitting an essay that contains errors or poor writing is never going to help your cause.

We Can Help You with Writing Your Optional Essay for MBA Application.

If you look at any sample optional essay MBA you will see very clearly that the standard of writing is very high. Achieving that standard to match a good MBA admissions optional essay example is not going to be easy which is why you may want to use our professional services. We offer a full range of writing and editing help through specialist staff that is postgraduate degree qualified in the specific fields in which they provide their support. They have perfect native level English skills and will be able to help you to craft a relevant and perfectly written unique essay that will help your chances of a successful application.

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